Glamour Photography Tips and Ideas

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seIf you want to capture great glamour photography you’ll first need to know how to properly pose a model.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some glamour photography poses and tips that you can instantly use to spice up your shots.

Just remember that you’re working with the human body, so you don’t want the models to try poses that are hard to achieve and/or are uncomfortable because these won’t seem natural.

In fact, a good pose shouldn’t really look like the person is posing at all. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the person may be, if the poses and angles aren’t right the photos won’t be flattering!


Be up-to-date

Unfortunately for some, we’re not living in the Swinging Sixties anymore.

Poses that were common decades ago might not be in vogue in today’s era. It’s true that some things are cyclical, but you can usually spot an out-of-date hairstyle and outfit and the same can be said for glamour photography poses.

These can be ideal though if you’re trying to create a retro or historical feel to the shoot, but if you’re aiming for something

Landscape Photography Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

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reHave you ever wondered how professional photographers take these magnificent landscape photos we see in magazines like National Geographic and others of the sort? Well, today you’re going to learn some landscape photography tips which are being used by the best in the industry. Landscapes are wonderful on their own, even a standard digital camera can capture its beauty, but if you want a truly memorable image there are some general landscaping photography tips you can make use of.

Rather than focusing on equipment alone, we’re also going to include some invaluable techniques for you to implement. You don’t need a state of the art camera and we know not everyone can afford one of these; therefore we’ve included a few landscape photography tips anyone can use. Typically, if you’re looking for a camera specifically for shooting landscape images, find one which has a wide-range or fish-eye lens, these are ideal for landscape photos.

Since most landscape photography tips mostly advise on how to take wide range shots, many leave out the fact that you can get

Top 10 Tips to Improve Photography

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around-the-corner1 Take Pictures:- Most of us use digital cameras today, and it doesn’t cost anything to take more pictures. Always take lots and lots of pictures, there’s no need to hold back, with digital images, you can always delete unwanted images if they are not to your expectations. Most photographers will tell you that lot of their impressive shots were accidents. So take out your camera and take lot of pictures.

2 Angle your shots:- Always explore your subject before taking a picture by walking around it and looking at it from different sides. Take your time and make your pictures interesting by shooting at different angles. Creating unique angles will give a new perspective to your subject and will make your pictures stand out.

3 Fill the Frame:- Pick a point of interest in your image and focus on it, get close to it and leave out anything that is not adding interest to your picture. This will make your subject stand out. This technique works well with portraits as well, by getting close to your subject

Digital Photography Tips For Camera Power Accessories

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Power accessories are important tools that all photographers consider. Regardless of the level of photography or the level of work you do, accessories come in handy in all areas of digital photography. Cameras are slick little devils, which sometimes slip from your hands; therefore having the right accessories, such as the power SLR grips can save your loads of headaches. Why buy aspirins when you can take care of the problems before they arise.

Choosing the right accessories is a job in itself, however if you know what you are searching for then the job is less demanding. Therefore, we have outlined a few accessories offered as well as tips as to which accessories are better choices than other accessories are. The tips are in between the lines, since it is up to you to decide what the better choice is since no one knows your needs like you do.

Gripping the camera
The power accessories include the SLR power grips, battery packs, battery types, and motor drivers. Power grips are an accessory that grips to the camera while giving you an extra handle on things. This can come in handy when you are awkwardly coordinated,

How to Find Digital Photography Jobs

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You have come to the right place if you are interested in learning more about potential digital photography jobs. Photography is becoming an ever increasingly popular career choice, particularly in today’s world of digital picture taking. If this sounds like something you would be interested in keep reading, below you will learn about job qualifications, training and a summary of what the average photographer earns.

First on the agenda, let’s take a look at what a photographer is. You could say photography is about capturing images the portray an event or story. The best photographers know how to use lighting, angles and lenses to capture these moments in such a way that the viewer is drawn into the scene. You will have several types of photography to choose from including landscape, fashion, wildlife and wedding photography. Many institutions offer courses in these and various other photography disciplines. In addition to taking pictures, many photographers are also learning about electronic equipment for editing and otherwise manipulating photographs. Some photographers still use a dark room for developing, however this is becoming less popular.

Exactly what qualifications are required to become a photographer? If you are looking for a

How to Choose the Right School for Photography

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The field of photography is exciting; imagine creating wonderful images with nothing more than your keen eye and a camera. If you are thinking about starting a career in this field, you will need to develop some skills and a background in the field. Toward this end a good education, proper coaching and a mentor are invaluable. When you have all of these in place and are willing to put in the work and practice required you will soon be graced with the title, professional photographer.

As with any profession you should do some research on proper schools, choosing the photography institution that best fits your requirements. Below are a few key areas you will want to consider when you begin looking for a great photography education.

Begin your search by considering the big picture of your photography career. The best school for you will be one that is best aligned with your specific photography goals. There are many different sub-genres of photography, much as with any business, as well as a broad range of categories. For instance, you may be interested in portrait photography instead of sports, or weddings instead of portraits. You might be

How to Create Realistic HDR Photography

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The biggest mistake made by beginning HDR photographers is that they think the photo is complete when they tonemap the image in Photomatix. Not so! Rarely will the photo look perfect after only tonemapping in Photomatix. Generally, photographers need at least one more step.

The strength of HDR in a photo is a personal choice, but when it is too strong, it can be a major turn off. Be careful with this setting if you want to do it right.

After tonemapping your HDR photo in Photomatix, open up the tonemapped image in Photoshop and place the original (non-HDR photo that you used to create the HDR) on top of each other in layers. I generally place the non HDR photo on top. Now use Photoshop’s opacity slider to reduce the opacity of the original image to blend it with the HDR. This will drastically improve how realistic your HDR photo will look.

It is always difficult to decide how much HDR effect to apply to your photography. I would suggest to make all the changes to where you like them, then reduce the HDR effect by about 20 percent. Trust me, the photograph will

Photography Tips – Getting to Know the Basics

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Want to know how to get started with digital photography, but don’t know how? Here are a few Photography Tips to get you started.

Photography Tip # 1: What equipment do you need to get started?

The first thing you need to do when starting out as a photographer is do an equipment check. What type of things will you need to do photography as a hobby or professionally? If you are just starting out and doing photography as a hobby, you probably don’t need much.

Here is a list of things you may need as a hobbyist:

  • Quality, but less expensive Digital Camera, at least 4-6 mega-pixels. (Check out Sony Digital Cameras)
  • A memory card. (You can find these cheep 512MB or 1G is the standard)
  • A camera bag, for extra items; lens cleaner, lens brush, filters, extra memory cards, etc.
  • A small tripod. (Totally optional unless you plan on doing a ton of knight photography)
  • A computer or photo printer
  • Software for digital imaging (Usually you get a free program with your camera software)

For professionals you may need a few more things:

  • High-end digital camera 6 mega-pixels or higher (Check out Canon, Sony Cyber-shot series,

Top 4 Tips For Child Photography

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The reason that children make such great subjects in photography is that they rarely look the same from one photo opportunity to the next. They grow up so quick.

The goal for most child photography is to capture the blissfulness and innocence of youth, to take the child’s pure character and freeze it in time. This allows parents to preserve these wonderful traits forever. The problem is that professional formal photography does not usually capture the true character of the child. Usually the child is posed in an artificial setting and told to look at a point just to the side of the camera and say cheese.

These kinds of pictures are taken at schools, and studios. Photographers make a good living taking these kinds of pictures because the same shot is easy to reproduce with different children. While these produce good pictures, they do not really reflect anything about the child.

The tips below show how to take photos that will truly portray a child’s character.

1. Use Candid Photography at a Distance – Candid photography focuses on the spontaneity of an event or subject rather than a staged setting. This technique requires

5 Digital Photography Tips For Better Shots

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In this article I want to go over some basic digital photography tips that beginners and professionals should review from time to time. Digital cameras on the market today are very capable of producing breath taking photos that will amaze your friends and family with the help of a few easy tips.

Tip 1. Know Your Camera

I know it sounds rather silly and perhaps a bit boring but, when you sit down and take the time to go through the manual, you may be surprised by the amazing things your camera can do. Scroll through the menus and push the buttons; when you come across something you don’t know…look it up in your trusty manual. Most manuals are simple and easy to read and are small enough to keep in your pocket or camera case. Becoming familiar with your camera will allow you the freedom and confidence to capture those amazing once-in-a-lifetime shots. You can learn variety of Digital Photography Tips just by reading the manual.

Tip 2. Know Your Interests

You can quickly become disinterested in photography and burned-out if what you are shooting is of little or no interest to you.

Digital Photography Online – How to Make Money With It

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At some point in a photographer’s life, the question of how much money can be made comes up. Even if you are currently a professional photographer you may be wondering where your business can go, what are the upper limits of your chosen career. The bottom line question that needs to be answered is how can you take your digital photography to a new level moneywise.

Whether you are a professional photographer with a portfolio and education or simply an amateur who loves to take great pictures you can make more money from digital photography online. Here are a few tips that will guide you on your journey to making more money from your photography.

These tips will show you simple methods you can use to make your business excel, whether you are selling to the local market or providing stock images to an online site. Read on to find out just how to sell more of your pictures online and in turn make a lot more money.

Increase Online Marketing

Marketing is not an easy thing in many cases, many people will fail at one stage or another and you will need to

Product Photography Techniques Tutorial

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Product photography involves photographing a single product by itself with a plain background to remove any distractions and focus the viewer’s attention on the product. While practicing product photography can be fun in of itself, it is particularly important if you want to sell items on eBay or through your own website. A good product image can make your listings more effective and increase your sales.

To set up an area for product photography, you can use a table pushed against a wall. Use a piece of large white card and attach one end to the wall and one end to the table. Be careful to ensure the card has a curved bend where it goes from the wall (vertical) to the table (horizontal) as you want to avoid any creases in the card. This will create a white seamless background for your product photography.

Next set up a couple of lights or flashes to light your product and the background. A two light setup can result in much better photos than relying on natural light. The ability to control the power, shape, size, and position of lighting gives you much greater control over how the

Some Wedding Photography Tips Before Hiring A Photographer

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Reading some wedding photography tips before you choose and pay a photographer for his is of utmost importance. You are not hiring a photographer to take your Christmas pictures, which of course can be compromised on quality sometimes with thoughts that you can compensate for them on the coming Christmas. Your wedding is a onetime occasion and probably the happiest moment of your life so you wouldn’t want some nonprofessional photographer to ruin the pictures with his slovenly approach towards them. You want the most important to the most minor details to be captured on the pictures and for that, you will have to do a little work.

Research Online For Photographers

First thing you would want to do is go online and search for the best photographers that are available in your area. While searching online you can also get some information about the general pricing trend that’s going on. Look for the ones nearest to you and make sure to browse the website carefully because you will find a lot of helpful material on the websites in deciding whether you want a particular photographer or not.

The Skills Of The Photographer


Learn Digital Photography – Portrait Photography Tips

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Learn Digital Photography – Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography was once the realm of the professional portrait photographer but now most amateur photographers can shoot a reasonable selection of portraits without much experience. This is because digital allows you to review your images immediately and make any colour or lighting corrections. So how can the average amateur take good quality portrait photos. Here’s how.

The bottom line for any budding portrait photographer is good basic photography gear. If you have this then you are on your way to good images.

1. Relax your subject

The difference between a professional portrait photographer and an amateur can be seen immediately by how relaxed the subject is in the photo. Experienced photographers will put a subject at ease very quickly. Without the ability to do this you won’t progress much further in your portrait photography. So take the time to master this before attempting any shooting of your subject. This can be done by an informal chat before the shoot, allowing a child the freedom to play with interesting toys or just playing around with your camera and allowing the person to shoot some images of you

The Photography Composition Tips That You Don’t Want to Miss

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Photography composition, like any art composition, depends on individual preference. Nevertheless, there are some rules which may be a great help for any photographer. Having said that, rules are, in my opinion, something which you have to work with well, get comfortable with, and then try to go beyond (read: break them).

What I’d like to share here is not some textbook based rules of photography composition, instead I’d write how to get creative around the basic rules to get amazing photos.

1. Rule of thirds is still important – when you want to play around the photography composition, the basic foundation you should be comfortable with is the rule of thirds. This is simply where the viewer’s eyes are looking at when they see your images.

2. Get out of common angle – An image of flowers taken from the side is boring. Try to take it from a lower angle, and capture the blue sky along with the flowers. Not only the color combination is more attractive to the eyes, but also the impact of low angle strengthens the flowers.

3. Simpler is stronger – keep your image simple. Simple images leave

Waterproof Digital Camera – Tips to Enjoy Photography in the Water

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Have you ever thought of capturing the amazing under water world in your camera? Or have you ever taken the flicks while river rafting or under a waterfall? A regular digital camera cannot work for such purposes. You have to make the use of waterproof digital camera for this purpose.

Digital camera technology is apt for nature and landscape photography. You are sure to get breathtaking images that open up your eyes at once. If you are fond of landscape and underwater photography, nothing gives you a better experience than the digital photography.

But you must know the difference between land photography and water photography first. Water is not transparent like air. Water consists of sand, dust and other particles and fragments which make it dense. So you need special camera to take the photographs.

Basically, the waterproof cameras fall under two categories. The first category is amphibian cameras. Their name suggests their features very well. Amphibians are the vertebrates who can live on land as well as inside the water through out their lives. They are adaptable to both the habitats. Likewise, the amphibian camera can also work in water as well as in

Portrait Photography Tips – Shooting in Low Level Light

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It is comparatively easy to capture portraits when you have complete control of the lighting. But what about when you have no control and the available light is limited? The following portrait photography tips are intended to offer some lighting and photography concepts to make a low lighting situation a bit easier.

Common situations dealing with low level lighting are conferences or weddings at the moments where something important is happening and a flash would be a rude distraction. In order to shoot portrait photography reasonably well in this situation you must know quite a bit about the characteristics of your camera.

The Camera
To take portraits in low lighting it is imperative that a single lens reflex (SLR) camera be used. SLRs allow complete control over the major characteristics of the camera: size of aperture opening, shutter speed, and the ISO setting of the image sensor (using a digital SLR).

The Aperture
The aperture is the iris like opening in the lens body that controls the amount of light that is let into the camera; the smaller the setting, the bigger the opening. Without a flash, the necessary setting of the aperture will depend

Getting Into the World of Photography

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Photography is an art that many people are into. These days, where prominent brands of digital cameras are offering myriads of notable features, more and more people are encouraged to go into photography. Aside from being fulfilled to see the beautiful shots for your own glory, photography also offers a lucrative source of income, especially to those who have an established portfolio.

Just like how any renowned photographer started, an aspiring professional camera shooter must first start from square one. Start with the basics of photography, and slowly, you will notice the improvement in your shooting skills.

To have an idea on what type of pictures you’d like to take, take time to scour some glossy magazines, as they usually have great pictures of specific subjects. The internet is also a major resource for great photos, you have the whole world to see in the worldwide web. If you now have an idea on what subject to focus on, or what photography style you’d like to imitate, you’ll somehow have a good direction as to what genre you’d like to focus on.

First of all, invest on a good digital camera. As a beginner, you

Photography For Beginners – Protect Your Digital Camera From Bad Weather Conditions

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If you have noticed lately, the weather conditions have greatly deteriorated compared to several years before. Call it global warming or whatever you want, but it’s a fact that hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, fires, all these natural catastrophes do happen more often than they used to. Along with these we also have extreme humidity, heat, cold and dust to deal with on a daily basis. No wonder our cameras suffer in the process.

Digital camera manufacturers have started making units that are shockproof, dustproof, waterproof and many other ‘proof’ types, but not everybody has yet one of those, and let’s face it, why would we want to buy them when it’s so much easier to take care of our trusted old and battered gadget that still works great. Here are some tips that help you take care of your piece when it comes to bad weather conditions.

When it’s too cold outside and you need to take the camera with you, you need to carry it in a metal case that is tightly sealed, preferably in a hermetically sealed box. You can use gaffer tape to seal against snow and cold as low as -10C. Try

Photography Posing Tips

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Posing is one of the most crucial components to a good photograph. Posing can help you to obtain the memorable portrait from your photo. If posing is uncomfortable, it will show in the picture. So you should learn the different posing tips.

Photography posing tips:

1.Don’t use a big smile for every pose. Sometimes try a small smile, to give some variety to your facial expressions.

2.Avoid having your arms hanging flat against your sides. Instead, bend your arms slightly, place your hands on your hips, or try other poses that involve alternate placements of the arms.

3.Practice each pose in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable and have the confidence.

4.Don’t hold your breath during a pose. Stay relaxed and your photos will look as natural.

5.Wear comfort clothes. You feel so good in them and you can make this as casual or glamorous as you wish.

6.Bring changes of clothes, no matter what.

7.Very important element to consider in posing, the pose must appear naturally.

8.Keep your fingers slightly apart and pointed away from the lens. Let your hands fall naturally into position whenever possible.